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About FSC

About FSC

Holding specialized conferences
Professional foundry conferences will be held twice a year in accordance with multinational purchasers demands, matching purchasers with suitable suppliers and helping suppliers understand purchasers needs and differing purchasing processes. Business opportunities and trade agreements will be facilitated.

Purchase agent
FSC will assist international purchasers with acquiring casting purchases in China, based on our plentiful foundry experiences, up to date database resources of China foundry suppliers and good international trade partnerships.
Selecting suppliers information from database
Product inspection
Import and export agent
Supplier management

Recommending purchasers
FSC has set up a database of global foundry purchasers, utilizing China foundrys purchasing conference as a platform, helping suppliers to develop overseas markets, recommending suitable purchasers and allowing product entry into the international markets.

Recommending China’s qualified foundry suppliers
With a database of over 1,800 suppliers that have gained International quality identification or product certification we can provide specialized recommendations to purchasers.

Investing in China foundry
Welcome to invest in China! We can provide a variety of information and support to foreign companies setting up Sino-foreign joint ventures, Sino–foreign cooperative enterprises, foreign capital enterprises and other direct investments.

Supplier’s training
Through organizing training as per the enterprise certification, product certification, purchasing process, and with our related knowledge, we can provide and aid suppliers with the International purchasing general rules, inside knowledge on multinational companies purchasing procedures, mastering global purchasing network systems and gaining the qualifications of entry into the global purchasing system.

Special subject service
Provide technical services according to the demands of suppliers and purchasers.
Suppliers training
Investing in China foundry
Special subject service

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