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Copper defect welding machine
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AWE-18S Cold welding machine is a full digital control electro-spark deposition welding machine widely used in Foundry / Plastic industry / Oil industry / Automobile industry etc.

Use cold welding technology can easily repair defects like porosity defects / sand hole defects / shrinkage defects / Crackle with very small heat affected zone and forming metallurgy combination. Suitable for Ductile iron ; Gray iron ; Aluminum ; Copper and Steel. Will save a lot of cost.

Main features compare to normal welding:
> After welding no temperature on the welded surface. So no annealing to the workpiece.
> After welding no deformation no undercut to the workpiece, the welded area hardness is suitable to be re-machined.
> High technology : Use full digital control and argon control system. 16 memory and ARM32 CPU.
> High welding intensity : With high single point power output, each point of welding material is combined with the welding substrate , forming metallurgical combination, molten state to the produce very strong combination, minimal chromatic aberration. Easy to operating, any one without professional training can use and no pollution while using.

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